Spain: A Winning Location For Biotech Industry

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  • Solid Basic Science: Spain is 10th world scientific power and 5th by scientific production in the EU15.
  • Integrated Healthcare System:  An extensive network of 800 hospitals, both public and private, backed by leading-edge research centres. The system is ideal for translational medicine and discovering new drugs and advanced therapies.
  • Consolidation of biotechnology sector and an established pharmaceutical industry: Biotech companies are growing faster here than in other countries and pharma industry is leader in R+D spending in Spain.
  • Government Support: The central and regional governments are providing support for R+D companies through loans, grants and a competitive tax incentives scheme.
  • Excellent infrastructure for innovation: Exponential growth of science and technology parks, research centres and institutes of technology. Spain’s infrastructure also incorporates the latest technology for life sciences projects.
  • Highly qualified workforce: There is a surplus of talent for competitive and innovative projects. In some areas of Spain, the percentage of workers with post-graduate studies is higher than the European average.
  • Favorable cost-benefit ratio of human capital: The cost per hour is less than average for EU25. Salaries are lower but the attraction of working on scientific or biotech projects in Spain is high.

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