Navarre is an Autonomous Community that has inherited the essence of its ancient Kingdom. It is a special land thanks to its diversity, a land of contrasts that is accessible, close, historical and natural.

Navarre is a place to walk, listen, relax and enjoy good cuisine, to travel through and talk in. It is full of nuances of the past, which watches us from its tranquillity. There is always something for us to discover there. Navarre is a land of routes, trails, and endless surprises: a series of landscapes that can be visited unhurriedly because its variety is within easy reach. Just 60 miles in a straight line separate the majestic Pyrenees from the plains of La Ribera from the lunar landscapes of the Bardenas Reales Natural Park.

The diversity and contrast of Navarre makes it a paradise for all types of traveler. Culture lovers will be enraptured by its artistic heritage and everything that has sprung up around the Way of St James over the years; those with more curious minds will enjoy the store of learning and customs of its people; adventurers will discover peaceful villages and locations where they can lose themselves or do all kinds of sport; in Pamplona-Iruña, the community’s capital, urbanites will find a green city which is home to great treasures, not to mention a world famous festival, San Fermin; trekkers can choose between the green hills of the Pyrenees and the wide open spaces of the Middle Zone or the Ribera region; and gourmets will want the taste of the authentic local cuisine to linger in their mouths forever. If you are one of those travelers or all of them at the same time, we invite you to live your own experience.

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